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Raintree Kennels & David Hintson

Swiftsure Whippets & Linda & Steve Buchholz

Lynn Underwood
Sue Smith
Whillo B Whippets & Bill & Gloria Goble

Softouch Whippets & Pirjo Muhonen

SportingFields Whippets & Debbie Butt

Mary Jane Pruett

Terry Lerner
Kathy Feldman

Shannon Down Whippets & Shannon Lyons

Lauralbriar Whippets & Samantha & Joe Chase

Taejan Whippets & Molly Rule-Steele

Windwalker Whippets & Mike Downey
Kaprhys Kennel & Joan & Michael Gambino
Wildhare Whippets & Dwight & Paula Caffee
Surrey Hills Whippets & Karen Lee
Roadhouse Whippets & Joan Van Doormick Thompson

Jilzan Whippets & Jill Baum

Susan Kapp
Lisa Costello
Lake Whippets & Mary Beth Lake
Hounds of Sangaree & Karen Schechterle

Betty Wolonski
Saesi Kennels & Mary Magee

Katherine Shearer
Sue Prost
Milescross Whippets & Guinn Borstel
Wishmaker Whippets & Don & Chris Winfield

Millrace Whippets & Cynthia Schmidt

Debbie La Monica Anderson

Yannods Whippets & Marita Ikonen

Mattingly Whippets & Sean & Mary Ann Mattingly

Heidi Woody
Kismet Whippets & Kiesha Crawmer

Sheila Elwin
Holy of Kinship Whippets & Lesa Mason
Ellen Adler
TimbreBlue Whippets & Walt & Sharyn Hutchens

Whippet Crossing & Debbie Cole & Dennis Donahue
Grovenor Whippets & Steven Klein

Lori Rose
Judy Walton
Templar Whippets & Paula Knight
Ruth & Robert Beall
Houndtogs & Judy Benson

Kathi Lacasse
Jill Risz
Peggy Bush
Rinda Clark

Wagg N End Whippets & Susan & Ron Murphy
Warpdrive Whippets & Kellie Jones
Janet Stringer
Wheeling Whippets & Jean Uelschy

BitterBlue Whippets & Linda & Paul Garwacki
Claymar Whippets & Renee Clayton
Rusalka Whippets & Jennifer Beach Buda

Pam Benus

Lori Walter
Harmony Whippets & Kathy Rasmussen
Wildaspen Whippets & Tawnya Brumbaugh

Brenda Smith
Kathy Kreeger
Coandy Whippets & Corinne Smith

Vincent & Katia De Rave Vanhanwhert

Smithvale Whippets & Rosemary Smith
Jeni Mellinger
Charles Roberts
Cara Keeshonden & Heather Myers

Y Notz Whippets & Tommie Porter
Superfly Whippets & Marianne Bunyan

Gay Robertson
Ladyhawk Whippets & Peppi Greco
Alakay Whippets & Cheryl Rose
Lorraine Andrusiak
Rome Kennels & Jenny Howe
Clearhound Whippets & Shannon Cleary

Nos Whippets & Jean Marc and Dominique

Jomyr Whippets & Todd Miller

Sue Wagner

Pfyre Whippets & Judy Lowther

Wilango Whippets & David & Jen Gough
Janet & Bo Juzkiw
Artemis Whippets & Rhonda Kumm
Becky Millet
Blueskies Whippets Barbara Ruth Smith

CatieNoelle Whippets & Linda Stone

DenGayle Whippets and Pam Murphy

Fanfare Whippets & Shelley Kruger
Laurel Wilks
Locar Whippets & Carol Curry

Spyanfly Kennels & Pauline Oliver
Shirley Davis
Lyth Whippets & Tony & Karen Lewis
Nancy Toerper
Jen Jensen & Peavine Whippets

Bayberry Whippets

ForgetMeNot Whippets

Philip Adler
Linda Johnson & Barchet Whippets
Jacky Quiros Kubat & Dragonfly Kennel

Candis Noble-Harris and Posh Pawz

Sabine Salo and Rantina Whippets

Mary Alexander and Alexaco Whippets and Mrs Bones Products

Vanessa Barklay from Australia

Tracey Underwood and Simon

Diane Arner-Motzkus and Eclipse Whippets

Merle and Richard Powley of Shenkhan Whippets are from New Zealand