Witches brew in Salem MA at the 2006 AWC National

From Paula Knight

Endeavor's Hammer SC, OA, OAJ, CGC
Owned & loved by Christine DeClerk

"Pimp Doggie"
Derby is owned by June & Brett Boynton, Newbury Park CA

Ocean The Mummy - owned by Wayne and Debbey Bartos

Owned by Alleah Gogley

Am. Can. Ch. Yorktown's As Good As It Gets, SC
DOB: 09/05/97
Owner: Doris Bandoian "Vahdor"

"Trick or Treat” TREAT!
From Vicki Carter and Mark Bober
Fort Worth, TX

"I'm 9 months old, what is so great about being good?
Phizz aka Full Throttle
From Vicki Carter and Mark Bober
Fort Worth, TX

Dusty owned by Shirl

Owned by Allie Smith

Arlie (Plumcreek's On Blitzen,1995)
Owned by Susan Frissell in Northfield, IL

Dixie and Nastar
Owned by Pat

owned by Ken and Lori Stebritz

Indian princess
Owned by Dianna Johnson Copperstar Whippets

WildAbout Whippets

Barnaby (Timbreblue Horses Around) a/k/a "Big Daddy Barn"
with his favorite girl, Emma (Surrey Hill Silkrock Atropos)
Owned and loved by Alan & Jeanne Ayers, Lancaster, PA

Pennier the Straw man lives with Tricia in Vancouver WA

Diva Tyronia Oberti
Soprano Coloratura
owned by Pattie Burt

Kobe appearing as Kobe Bryant
owned by Randy and Cindy Moore

Buckaroo - owned by Ricki Douglas

Clydesdales are Holly and Reggie
owned by Dave and Kathy Jacobs

The Biker dudes are from left to right...Cole, Troika, Turbo and Julie
(behind Turbo) owned by
Nancy Maples.  And Christina is owned by Victoria LaGuardia

Tick Magnet is Dazzle
owned Debbey and Wayne Bartos

Zorro is Ernie
owned by Mike and Danielle Bermudez

Peanut the Spider and Buckeroo the Lamb
owned by Ricki Douglas

Welby the Ace Pilot
owned by Grant and Theresa Hauer

"Ocean" Kentfield Commotion JC, CD, SRM2, OTRM  as  Bat Whippet -
Wayne & Debbey Bartos

"Dazzle"  Wheatland Razzle Dazzle SC, SRM2, OTR as a Monarch Butterfly
-  Wayne and Debbey Bartos, San Diego, CA

Wind Dancer the Hula Dancer - owned by Tony and Diane Maiolino now
living in Dover DE

Christina dressed as Little Miss Muffet
owned by Victoria LaGuardia, Carlsbad CA

Nancy Maples of Carlsbad, CA
holding Cole the Spider who was Miss Muffet's sidekick

Enzo aka Superman and Alfie aka Batman - the Super Heroes
owned by Shannon Packard and Paul Mazzarelle of San Diego, CA

Dune the Devil

Kobe the ladybug
Randy & Cindy Moore

Ernie the iPod
owned by Michael & Danielle Bermudez

Holly and Reggie as Gilligan and Mary Ann
owned by Dave and Kathy Jacobs.

High Score in Meet
Happy Haloween from Wheatland Whippets, Orange CA

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